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The Existence of God (Vs. Atheism)
1. God’s Incomprehensibility

2. God’s Knowability

3. Proofs of the Existence of God
a. Universal Belief in the Existence of God
b. Cosmological—Argument from Cause
c. Teleological—Argument from Design
d. Ontological—Argument from Being
e. Anthropological—Moral Argument
f. Argument from Congruity
g. Argument from Scripture - Assumed by the Scriptures

The Nature of God (Vs. Agnosticism)
1. The Spirituality of God (Vs. Materialism)
2. The Personality of God (Vs. Pantheism)
3. The Unity of God (Vs. Polytheism)
4. The Trinity (Vs. Unitarianism)

The Names of God
1. God’s Personal Name
2. God’s Titles
3. God’s Metaphorical Names

The Works of God
A. Creation
1. Creation ex nihilo
2. The Spiritual World
3. The Material World

B. Providence
1. Providence and Miracles
2. Providence and Concursus
3. God’s Preservation of Creation
4. God’s Sovereignty over Creation

C. Covenants
1. The Covenant with Creation
2. The Covenant with Noah
3. The Covenant with Abraham
4. The Covenant at Sinai
5. The Covenant with David
6. The New Covenant

The Attributes of God
1. Attributes Describing God in Himself
God’s Self-Existence
God’s Unity
God’s Spirituality
God’s Simplicity
God’s Immutability
God’s Infinity
God’s Eternity
God’s Omnipresence
God’s Omniscience
God’s Omnipotence
God’s Glory
God's Will

2. Attributes Describing God in His Activity toward Creatures
God’s Goodness
God’s Love
God’s Mercy
God’s Grace
God’s Holiness
God’s Righteousness
God’s Veracity
God’s Wisdom
God’s Wrath
God's Faithfulness
God's Patience
God's Justice
God's Jealousy

The Decrees of God
1. God’s Foreknowledge
2. Predestination

The Trinity
1. The Unity of the Trinity
2. The Plurality of the Trinity
3. The Trinity and Scripture
4. Historical Development of the Doctrine of the Trinity


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