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Questions About Science and Christianity

1. Does the Bible Contradict Science?
2. What areas of science have implications for the age of the earth?
3. What are the methods that scientists use to estimate the age of the earth, and what is their consensus on the estimate?
4. What is the relationship between belief in a global flood and the age of the earth?

5. Are scientific opinions credible?


Young and Old Earth Creationism
5. What is Young Earth Creationism (YEC)? What does the Bible say about it?
6. How do YECs determine that the earth is 6,000-10,000 years old?
7. What is Old Earth Creationism (OEC)? What does the Bible say about it?
8. What are the major reasons OECs reject the YEC interpretation of creation?


Intelligent Design and Evolution
9. What is Intelligent Design? Is it a scientific theory? 
10. What is evolution (from a purely scientific perspective)? 
11. What are the key pieces of evidence for evolution?
12. Why do evolutionists reject the theory of intelligent design?
13. What are “macroevolution” and “microevolution”?
14. What are the key questions evolution has not answered? 
15. What are the major reasons evolution is rejected as a sufficient explanation for the existence of life?
16. What are the theological implications for an acceptance of evolution?
17. Were Adam and Eve literal historical people? What are the implications if they were not?

A close-up of a DNA double helix structure, representing the intricate design of genetic information and the complexity of bi


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