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Times of the Gentiles

Luke 21:24-25, Daniel 2, 7
There was a time when God had direct control over the affairs of the world. During the time of David, Israel was the center of God’s purposes on earth through his chosen people.

However, due to their constant disobedience and after numerous warnings sent through his prophets, God had had enough. He gave direct control over to the Gentiles.

1.0 Beginning BC 605

2 Kings 24:1
Babylon was the supreme authority. (It had defeated the other superpowers – Egypt and Assyria). Even though God stopped having direct control over earthly matters, He still had overall control. He was working out His will. Daniel 4:32

2.0 Progress – Four Empires. 

Daniel 27

Revived Roman Federation
Shortly before the second coming of Christ, ten nations of varying strength will unite to form a federation that will rise out of the ruins of the ancient Roman Empire. Since Rome is a part of Europe, it is likely that this coalition will be centered in Europe. From this empire will come the evil world leader that will be known as the AntiChrist.

3.0 End

Daniel 2:34-3544-45 and Daniel 7:13-1426-27

The Lord will defeat the (confederates of the) Roman Empire and establish final control on the earth. A kingdom that will never end.

Outline of End Time Prophecy

8. Mid tribulation events

   A. The Seven Thunders

   B. The Two Witnesses

   C. The Woman and the Dragon

   D. Satanic Trinity and 666

   E. Interlude

9. Great Tribulation

   A. The Bowl Judgments

   B. Judgment of Apostate Religion

   C. Judgment of Great Babylon

10. Parousia

   A. Marriage of the Lamb

   B. Battle at Armageddon

11. The Millennium

12. The Judgments

   A. Bema Seat - Rewarding of Believers

   B. Great White Throne - Judgment of Non-believers

13. Hell

14. The New Jerusalem and the Eternal State

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