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1. Times of the Gentiles

There was a time when God had direct control over the affairs of the world. During the time of David, Israel was the center of God’s purposes on earth through his chosen people.

However, due to their constant disobedience and after numerous warnings sent through his prophets, God had had enough. He gave direct control over to the Gentiles.

1.0 Beginning BC 605

2 Kings 24:1Babylon was the supreme authority. (It had defeated the other superpowers – Egypt and Assyria). Even though God stopped having direct control over earthly matters, He still had overall control. He was working out His will. Daniel 4:32

2.0 Progress – Four Empires. 

The First Vision Daniel 2:31-45

The Second Vision Daniel 7:1-8, 16-28

The Empire

Main Leader

Head of gold (37-38) 

The First Beast (4, 17) 

Babylonian Empire 66 years (605–539 B.C.) 


Breast & Arms of Silver (39) 

The Second Beast (5, 17) 

Medo-Persian Empire 208 years (539–331 B.C.). 

Cyrus the Persian 

Belly & Thighs of Brass (39) 

The Third Beast (6, 17) 

Greco-Macedonian Empire 185 years (331–146 B.C.). 

Alexander the Great 

Legs of Iron (40) 

The Fourth Beast (7-8, 19-27) 

Roman Empire 500 years 146 BC – AD 395 


Feet of Iron & Clay (41-43) 

The Horns (7-8, 20, 24-25) 

Revived Roman Federation ?1957 - ?? 

The AntiChrist 

Revived Roman Federation

Shortly before the second coming of Christ, ten nations of varying strength will unite to form a federation that will rise out of the ruins of the ancient Roman Empire. Since Rome is a part of Europe, it is likely that this coalition will be centered in Europe. From this empire will come the evil world leader that will be known as the AntiChrist.

3.0 End

The Lord will defeat the (confederates of the) Roman Empire and establish final control on the earth. A kingdom that will never end.


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