The word “prophecy” conjures up images of charismatic charlatans flanked by naive and unsuspecting followers, with wild predictions of impending doom and exclusive salvation. There are numerous examples of phony prophets over the centuries that have predicted all kinds of things and led their followers to their destruction. However,  the existence of a duplicate does not nullify the veracity of the original, just like a truant school teacher does not negate the profession of teaching at schools.

The topic of Biblical prophecy is both intimidating and intriguing as we see the incredible accuracy of past prophecies (and their fulfillment) and the specificity of future events that gives one both hope and trepidation.

I have divided the study of biblical prophecies into the following sections:

A. Introduction – prolegomena, including basic principles of interpreting prophetical scripture.

B. Future Prophecies – those that are mentioned in the Bible but are not yet fulfilled.  These are prophecies of the end of earthly time.

C. Jesus – prophecies made and incredibly fulfilled by Jesus.

D. Present Prophecies – those that are currently being fulfilled.

E. Past Prophecies – those that have been fulfilled already

Here is an outline of Biblical Prophecy.

[Each of these topics will soon be linked to individual posts, starting with the future and working backward]

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