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Is the Bible a book of fantasy?

The Bible makes many truth claims. Why should I believe in a book that is 2000 years old? What credibility does the Bible have compared to other religious texts?

There are several factors that give credibility to the bible and therefore to its truth claims. The factor that gives it historical credibility is in the realm of archaeology.

Over the centuries, hundreds and thousands of archeological discoveries have been made that co-relate with Biblical information from thousands of years ago. In fact, archeologists have used biblical narratives to guide their searches and have found numerous pieces of evidence of ancient cultures.

I am not an archaeologist and don't purport to be one. My goal is to systematically list the archaeological findings that have been made. Using the biblical books as an arrangement guide, I am organizing any archaeological discovery book by book, chapter by chapter. I hope to provide as many links as possible. In this effort, there may be many finds that I don't know about and over time, there can be dead links to websites. It is what it is.

The books of the bible will be listed as I accumulate these evidences.

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