The Prayer Against

Whenever there is a tragedy today, one of the rallying calls is for prayers for the victims of the tragedy. So we see prayer for Paris, prayer for Orlando, prayer for whatever with its various hashtags and links. However, I think that we are called not only to pray for something but also against something else. Just as we pray for good, it is equally important to pray against evil.

In the Christian study on spiritual warfare, the whole premise is not built on fighting for something but rather on fighting against something – precisely, evil. (Ephesians chapter 6).

It is extremely important to pray for good – for people to follow that which is good, for people to follow God and obey him. At the same time it is also important to pray against evil, against evil doers in particular. It is especially critical when it comes to evildoers that have control or influence over many others.

In this light in recent times, I have prayed against specific people that are major influencers in the world today and are unapologetic perpetrators of evil.
Therefore, specific prayers can be prayed against the evil empire ISIS, against its leaders and beheaders in particular, against Syria president Bashar al-Assad, Hungarian financier George Soros that has for decades pushed his evil agenda on world powers, Planned Parenthood and its murder of millions of defenseless unborn under the guise of women’s health etc.

We can also pray for specific policies that are more evil in design even though it may originate from people that are not necessarily evil. And example of this class may be Vladimir Putin and his policy of global expansion by annexation.

Another category would be anyone who is in direct opposition to the Christian faith and message. For example, Indian president Narendra Modi and his clandestine overtures to persecute Christians and the related Hindu fascism in India, persecution of Christians in Communist North Korea and China and the Islamic Middle East.

The prayer for good is important, the prayer against evil is a necessary complement.

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