I personally vouch for the hard work, passion and commitment that the following cross-cultural gospel workers have for Jesus Christ and to gospel work. Consider supporting them.

Life Challenge International is an organization that works among drug and alcohol addicts to bring them out of their addictions by the powerful gospel of Jesus Christ. They have 7 centers in India and one in the US. They also have a school for HIV children and a home for HIV widows in Manipur, India.

Since 1892 Avant Ministries has focused on planting and developing the church in the unreached areas of the world. I know the following cross-cultural gospel workers personally who have left their “comfortable” lives and are currently learning different languages working in different parts of the world – Mark Bruner, Drew Mathews, Ben Blanton, Drew Korschot, Joshua LaRavia,

International Students Inc has been training local citizens since 1953 to meet the needs of International students. These people befriend international students and help them adjust to the local culture, in the process explaining the story of Jesus Christ. Consider supporting: Richard Huston, Sandeep Thomas, Sabu Joseph

Consider supporting the following organizations that work among persecuted Christians:

Open Doors


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