Part Two. The Theory of Evangelism

Six. Theological Foundations of Evangelism and Correlation to Indian Ministry
Jesus Christ
Jesus as the Center of Evangelism
Hindu View of Jesus Christ
Kingdom of God
Relationship between the Church and the Kingdom of God
Correlation in Indian Evangelism
Evangelism as a Pilgrimage
Pilgrimage to an Indian Mind
Types of Conversion
Connotations of Christian
Conversion to a Hindu Mind
Application of Conversion in the Expectation of Ministry

Seven. Postmodernism
Important Features of Postmodernism
Structure and Relativity
The Postmodern World View
Evangelism and Postmodernism
Postmodernism and the Christian Faith
Postmodern and Modern Churches
Postmodern Churches and the Pre Modern Era
Postmodernism and the Gospel
Postmodernism to the Enteran and Inderican

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