Part Three. Strategies and Methods for Introducing Jesus

Eight. General Principles that Make a Missional Church
Leadership Principles
Missional Objective
Strong, Empowering Leadership
Relational Principles
Establish a Culture of Loving Relationships
Exhibit an Attitude of “Welcome Home” Friendliness toward Non-Members
Holistic Small Groups
Administrative Principles
Need-Oriented Evangelism
Invite People
Develop Effective Ways to Encourage First-Time Visitors to Return
Sound Church Structure
Spiritual Principles
Worship Service
Passionate Spirituality
Biblical Preaching and Teaching
Gift Oriented Ministry
Functional Principles
Visibility and Accessibility
Parking, Landscaping, and Facilities
Financial Resources

Nine. Strategies for Introducing Jesus
The Indian Immigrant Family
Needs and Interests
The Needs of Enterans
The Needs of Indericans
Moving from Needs to the Gospel
Specific Evangelistic Principles Relevant to a Hindu
Devotion and Spiritual Gifts
Superstition and Family Structure
Guidance, Focus on Jesus, and Allow for the Supernatural

Ten. Methods for Introducing Jesus
Methods for Introducing Jesus to Enterans
Weekend Retreats
Small Group Evangelism
Event Evangelism
Freedom Ministry
Methods for Introducing Jesus to Indericans
Life Style or Friendship Evangelism
Socratic Method of Evangelism
Small Group Evangelism
Experiential Evangelism
Serving and Campus Evangelism
Freedom Ministry and Event Evangelism
Web Evangelism and Seeker Sensitive Evangelism

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