Part One. Cultural and Religious Background

One. Enterans – The First Generation – “Vikram Patel”
Salient Features of Indian Culture
Democratic Nature and Tolerance
Caste System
Social and Economic Background
Hierarchy and Karma
Family vs. Individual
Social Success and Commitment to Indian Culture
Overview of Hinduism
Karma Marga – The Way of Action
Jnana Marga – The Way of Knowledge
Bhakti Marga – The Way of Devotion
Religious Background
The Move to America
Why Enterans Came to America
Problems of Emigration

Two. Indericans – The Second Generation – “Amy Patel”
Their Indian-ness
Their American-ness
Their Identity Struggle
Kinds of Indericans
Issues Affected by Hybridization
Their Religious Outlook
Generational Differences

Three. Religious and Cultural Influence of America on Indians
Some Strengths of the American
Culture As Related to Indians
Some Weaknesses of American
Culture As Related to Indians
Influence of American Culture on the Enteran
Influence of American Culture on the Inderican
Hinduism in America
Important Dates of Hinduism in America
Americanization of Hinduism

Four. Analysis of Churches in America in Relation to Evangelism Among Indians
Lessons from Evangelistic Efforts of the American Church among Indians
The American Church
The Indian Church
Factors That Hinder Evangelism among Indians
Factors in the Church That Would Turn Indians Off
Factors in the Church That Would Attract Indians
Spiritual Gifts in the Church Relevant to Indians
Entry Points Available for Indians to Get Connected into a Church

Five. The Hindu Concept of Bhakti
What Is Bhakti?
Nature of the Bhakti Relationship
The Goal of Bhakti
Bhakti in the Bhagvad Gita
Distinct Features of Bhaktas
Correlation to Evangelism
Bhakti as Preparation for Evangelism
Obstacles to Evangelism among Bhaktas
Evangelization of Bhaktas

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