There are certain times in history that are more momentous than others. This is one of those times due to its political and moral implications.

Paul writes that ‘there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God’.  (Romans 13:1)

Paul writes this in approximately AD 57. At that time, incredibly, the leader of the known world was Roman Emperor Nero – the ancient equivalent of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the evil, brutal head of ISIS.

So I vote my conscience. My key question is: Can I vote for someone who is okay with the unapologetic murder of children?

At the Democratic National Convention, Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL, publicly announced her abortion to widespread cheers.  Nancy Pelosi, former speaker of the House, said recently that Hillary Clinton is losing votes because of gun, gays and God, ‘clarifying’ that “God” refers to a woman’s right to choose. I am not sure what exactly she means by this. It could mean either that a woman choosing to murder is like playing God or that being pro-choice is being anti-God. Both options are horrendous. This is, unfortunately, straight out of the horse’s mouth.

I used to think that one of the most important long term effects of a president are his/her supreme court appointments – until Justice Kennedy went against the possible desires of his party and President Reagan, 27 years after his appointment.

God used King Cyrus, a Persian, to build His temple in Jerusalem for the Jews (Isaiah 44:28). It is akin to getting Cecile Richards to build orphanages. God can do anything he wants. He can get anyone, ANYONE, to do anything He wants – even a Hillary or a Trump or a Merkel or an Erdoğan or an al-Baghdadi or a Putin or a supreme court judge or whomever.

Regardless of who comes to power, God is still in control. A Christian’s main responsibilities to the government are twofold – to pay taxes (and contribute to civic improvement) (Romans 13:6-7) and to pray for the leaders and country (2 Chronicles 7:14). Unfortunately, even though we don’t have a choice in paying taxes, we do have a choice in praying for our leaders and for our nation. And, in spite of our complaining about the state of the country and world, our passion and earnestness in prayer is lacking and therefore, at the end of the day, the onus falls on us.

But I need to pray.

When I pray, I am able to access an infinite, all knowing, all powerful God who is bigger than anything and anyone.

I need to pray for the conversion of specific people, including leaders and judges.

I need to pray for leaders to have wisdom.

I need to pray that, above all, God’s name would be glorified. The God who created the universe and can bring people to power also knows to bring down anyone He wants. (As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to MeAnd every tongue shall give praise to God.” Romans 14:11)

I just need to get down on my own knees and pray.

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