If you have any comments or want to invite Dr. Anush John to speak at your church or conference, use the contact information below. Also, if any of these resources have been beneficial to you, let us know – we would love to pray for you!

Postal Mail: Anush John, Post Box 385, Perry Hall, Maryland 21128


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He is not on Twitter because he doesn’t think that anyone cares about his daily updates, not on Instagram because he prefers to take photographs with a good DSLR camera, not on Pinterest because he is not artsy, not on Snapchat because he prefers his posts to last longer, not on Linkdin because he blocked it from sending him another request, not on Blogger because he has WordPress, not on Baidu Tieba because he is not Chinese, not on Tumblr because Yahoo came crashing down, and not on Facebook due to privacy concerns and not on anything else because he doesn’t know what they are.

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  1. Thank God for this great open door to reach the world through this media with the gospel. Our prayer is that God will open the hearts of the people to know the truth and surely the truth will set them free. Our prayers are with you

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